Monday, June 25, 2018

Media Landscape - Serbia, 2018

Analysis of the Serbian media sector I wrote for the European Journalism Centre at the beginning of 2018.
"...In recent years, the media environment shows signs of new decline, particularly in the fields of media freedom, security of journalists, and financial sustainability of many media outlets.
Systematic problems present in Serbian media include a weak media market, media ownership which is often hidden, and regulations that are sometimes adopted with delays and followed inconsistently. A major shift in media ownership occurred in 2015 when the State withdrew from direct ownership over media through a privatisation process..." Read more

Metodologija fact-checking sajtova

Jedan tekst od pre pet godina, i dalje može biti koristan, mada su se stvari svakako izmenile u međuvremenu.  FACT-CHECKING SAJTOVI -...