Saturday, December 8, 2012

Aktivni građani: Mediji zajednice u Centralnoj i Istočnoj Evropi

U Budimpešti je u novembru održan AMARC forum:  Public Policies and Media Pluralism: The Future of Community Radio in Central and East Europe.

Napisala sam tekst o ovom događaju:

The 43-year-old Student Radio of Ljubljana. The women-run Forum TV in Prijepolje.  The partly audience-funded popular radio station in Budapest. The Milan-based Radio Popolare.

Although based in different parts of Europe, they share the common sphere of the ommunity media sector. They face stiff competition from public and private broadcasting channels. Their voices maybe small but they are a socially important part of the ever-changing media world.

To je uvodni deo. Ostatak je na sajtu Think Brigade.

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