Monday, January 4, 2010

Mediji: Predviđanja za 2010.

Zanimljiva medijska persona, Rachel Sklar, napisala je za The Daily Beast svoja predviđanja za dešavanja u svetu medija u 2010. godini.

Evo nekoliko stavki koje su meni najinteresantnije:

Bylines will become brands, niche passions will go big, Web TV finally becomes must-see—and other fearless media predictions for 2010.
If there's one thing that 2009 showed us, it's that everything is happening everywhere, across multiple platforms, each one making waves that end up crashing against each other and commingling into one giant media sea. Wrote a story for the paper? Good, now put it on Facebook and tweet it out and make a companion YouTube video—and don't forget to Digg it! In 2010, it's not only a new year but a new decade—or, as I like to say, a New Yecade, because what else to call a time when everything is a mash-up?
My Byline, My Brand

The point is, those who diversified across platforms and invested in themselves in 2009 are now positioned to go on to the next thing. Is that disloyal to your employer? Of course not—smart employers will recognize the value in personal brand extension, and encourage it. It's only the weak and unconfident that are threatened by such things. 2010 has no time for you.

A kod nas? Hoće li se nastaviti stazama preovlađujuće prosečnosti, kao do sada, ili će biti malo više kreativnosti, truda i kvalitetnih sadržaja.
To, kao i uvek, zavisi prevashodno od nas samih.

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Zanimljiv blog, nisam ga ranije primetio.

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