Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar i štampa

Događaj je još uvek u toku, a Njujork Tajms i Los Anđeles Tajms takođe. Sajtovi se apdejtuju u kontinuitetu.
Odnos prema događaju ova dva medija, deo je stare priče o odnosu između Njujorka i Los Anđelesa (primer 1, primer 2):

Otklon Njujorka: "Are Oscars Worth All This Fuss?" (naslov) i dalje u tekstu

"...The show will go on — Sunday night at 8 — and everybody’s happy. Well, maybe not everybody. I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that I found myself hoping that the strike would shut the Academy Awards down; that for once, in a year of such cinematic bounty and variety, appreciation for the best movies could be liberated from the pomp and tedium of Hollywood spectacle."

I predanost Los Anđelesa: "Don't mess with Oscar" (naslov) i tekst:

"The Academy Awards have been as certain as the sunrise. Ceremonies may have been postponed, but the show has gone on despite wars, assassinations and thefickleness of Mother Nature.This year, the Writers Guild of America strike was poised to cancel the 80th Annual Academy Awards. But with two weeks to go before the ceremony, the WGA settled the strike and voted to go back to work. And the show will go on tonight as scheduled at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood."

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feisty said...

L.A. rocks. Moze da prica ko sta hoce.