Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Peščanik: "Šok radio"

Moj tekst o 'Peščaniku', objavljen je prošle nedelje u češkom Transitions Online.

Pošto je tekst na sajtu TOL svrstan u premium content, evo samo kratke ilustracije:

“Although I take notice of it, I am not interested in electoral outcomes,” Lukic says, responding to the criticism that the program represents the extremist views of Serbia’s liberal intellectuals, calling such observations malicious and ignorant. She points out that it is the job of public service broadcasters to represent a palette of citizens’ political choices, while independent productions have no such obligation. “We only have to respect the law, which forbids ethnic, racial, and religious discrimination,” she says. She adds that views that are sometimes labeled as extremist in Serbia are considered mainstream in more developed countries several hundred kilometers to the north or west. That is why, as she puts it, Pescanik practices positive discrimination, offering a platform to the people underrepresented in other media.

Sagovornici: Svetlana Lukić - jedna od autorki Peščanika, Borka Pavićević - dramaturg, Stevan Nikšić - urednik i novinar, Dušan Mašić - nekada novinar B92, sada zaposlen na BBC, Miloš Spasić - ljubitelj Peščanika.

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