Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pogled sa strane: Bijana Srbljanović

U časopisu Cord (broj 74) objavljen je odličan intervju sa Biljanom Srbljanović (foto je očigledno iz drugog intervjua). U ovom intervjuu ona govori o svom radu, životu koji vodi kao supruga ambasadra i tome kako se ta uloga uklapa u njene životne vrednosti, zatim o imidžu Beograda kao 'party destinacije' itd. Između ostalog priča i o tome koliko i kako prati dešavanja u Srbiji i kako joj izgleda medijska i javna scena:

I completely live in the world of modern communications. I am completely addicted to the Internet and I cannot live offine. News from around the world is within easy reach, and my day always starts with going through newspapers from Belgrade, France and Azerbaijan - in that particular order. So, I cannot take any rational or objective stand. The only difference is that in a way, through this long-term expatriation of mine, I have become particularly insensitive to topics and events that are capable of suddenly and fervently setting Serbia on fre. The media and public scene in Serbia functions in intervals between two great scandals. Sometimes, it is some big corruption affair, sometimes voting on an impermissibly undemocratic yet important act, sometimes simply a jet-set offense, no matter how pathetic that jet-setter is. Either way, I am under the impression that people exist in the dynamics between a short-lived and fervent interest in a particular case (which always, always, always fnishes without any consequences or any conclusion) and a complete indifference for most of the time.

Ostatak razgovora sa Biljanom Srbljanović je ovde.

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