Monday, March 2, 2009

Beleške o Marissi

Njujork Tajms objavio je opširan tekst - profil Marisse Mayer, jedne od čelnih ličnosti Google, a povod je njena navodna odluka da napusti ovu kompaniju.  

Evo nekoliko crtica iz teksta:

People may not understand Ms. Mayer, but as the “it girl” at one of the world’s hottest companies she is very hard to ignore. A popular guest on TV news programs and talk shows, a Google-booster often quoted in print, and a rapid-fire presence on San Francisco’s social scene, she is the rare executive who has become — at least in the sometimes cloistered world of computer geeks — a celebrity.

O preplitanju ličnog ukusa i prepoznatljivog Google dizajna:

Google’s home page — spartan white embroidered with splashes of blue, red, yellow and green — mirrors her Wausau home and her penthouse.
“It used to be people would come over to my apartment and say, ‘Does your apartment look like Google or does Google look like your apartment?’ ” she says with a staccato laugh that has earned a following of its own in Silicon Valley. 

I još, nevezano za Google i posao:

“It hasn’t shown up anywhere that I am really physically active,” she says. “I ran the San Francisco half marathon this year. I did the Portland marathon. I went skiing just yesterday. I’m going to do the Birkebeiner, which is North America’s longest cross-country ski race. That just shows you how much there are gaps.”

Ako Marissa ode, What Would Google Do?

Fotografija je odavde

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